Arnica (Mexican)

Arnica (Mexican)

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Hardy to Zones 7 to 9

(Telegraph plant, Camphorweed) Herbaceous perennial to 3 feet tall, flowering sunny yellow.  The name “arnica” is a misnomer although there are some similarities between this plant and true Arnica, vis. a vis. they are both in the family Asteraceae, they are used in traditional medicine as topically applied antiinflammatories, and they both flower yellow. There is a history of adulteration of true arnica with this plant, and this kind of thing should never be done.  Still, Mexican “arnica” is an interesting plant for the apothecary garden, very commonly used in Mexican herbalism, and will not hybridize with true arnica.  Plant prefers regular garden soil, a sunny position and moderate water.  Press seeds into surface and keep warm, evenly moist and in the light.  Germination is rapid.  Space plants 2 feet apart.

Packet of 25 seeds (open-pollinated, untreated & no gmos)

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