The Self Collection, Set of 5

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The great self care reflection consists of the following 5 books:

Seeds: A Short Book Of Poems
seeds (formerly 'aloha, ka'ala') is a collection of 30 short poems on love, loss, and healing. It (re)introduces friends, family, and strangers to ka'ala's culture, while sharing some of her innermost thoughts. Her simplistic style offers space for readers to draw personal connections to her works.
Harvest: A Collection Of Gratitude
This journal was created to be used on its own or in supplementation with “gather: a collection of self” the guided journal. The simple, repetitive nature of its format is meant to help prepare your thoughts for self-exploration and self-expression. Harvest includes 60 repeating entry spaces (3 pages each) and can be used daily, weekly, or however often the writer chooses.
Watered: A Daily Journal Of Intention
This journal was created to be used on its own or in supplementation with “Rooted: fifty-two weeks of intention” - the guided journal. The simple, repetitive nature of this book’s format is meant to help you stay accountable to your goals, feelings, and intentions every day. *This is a quarterly journal. If used daily, it will be completed in three months.
Rooted: Fifty-Two Weeks Of Intention
This guided journal was created for you to self-explore and self-express. Journaling has always been an outlet for my emotions when facing challenges and celebrating joys throughout my life. Many of the prompts in this book have encouraged me to lean in and surface some of my deepest thoughts. I was able to find immense healing through the intentions and affirmations (in this book) that God placed on my heart.
Gather: A Collection Of Self
What is a collection of self? Although this is a gratitude journal, it has been created to encompass all of the feelings and ideas of the one who holds the pen. This journal is not intended to put a bandage on the things that hurt. Rather, it was created to surface them, hold space for them, and at the same time, hold space for the good – collectively. With prompts that vary from focus to focus, the author challenges the writer to expand typical thought patterns and make room for new gratitude practices.

About the Author:

Ka'ala is an author, creative, and speaker living on the island of Maui with her husband and their two daughters. She is the voice and content creator. Her words reflect her faith in God, living authentically and intentionally, growing from and through grief, and celebrating life in gratitude. In addition to writing, Ka'ala is a baby wrangler, culture appreciator, and worship leader.

Made in the United States of America.