Burdock (Lesser (Arctium minus))

Burdock (Lesser (Arctium minus))

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Biennial, winter hardy Zone 3 to 9, often grown as an annual, 

Native to temperate Europe and Asia. Burdock seeds sown in the spring or summer will produce diggable roots by late summer that can be harvested through the winter.  The root has similar sweetness to the carrot, with an earthy flavor.

Sow seed in spring directly in regular garden soil and thin to at least 3 inches apart.  Harvest  root that first year–like carrots.  If digging is not your thing, take an old bale of wet hay and knock together four 1 x 4s like an empty-bottomed flat to fit right on top of the hay bale.  Then fill this with garden soil and plant your burdock seeds in there.  They will germinate and send their roots down into the hay.  To harvest, remove the boards and pull apart the hay to reveal perfectly formed and tender burdock roots.

20 seeds per packet (open pollinated, untreated, no GMOs)

Harvest in approximately 100 days.

Seed Count is approximately 20.