Caper Seeds

Caper Seeds

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(Satureja Hortensis) - Every herb garden needs Savory seeds! Grow Summer Savory for your garden from herb seeds and season meat and veggies all summer long. As fast as you pick these aromatic leaves, new ones begin to grow! This herb is popular along the eastern regions of Canada. It is also well-used in foods from France and Bulgaria. It's bright, pungent and slightly sweet. It boasts a warming, peppery scent and taste. Summer Savory is also wonderful alone to season beans, meats and dressings.

Summer Savory herb plants forms single stems 4 - 15 inches tall that are lined with linear dark green leaves up to 4 inches long. Whorls of lilac-purple flowers appear in summer. Plant spreads 7 - 30 inches after growing from herb seed.


Approximately 20 seeds.

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