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Original Edition:

FOR PARTIES, HANGOUTS, DATE NIGHT and MORE: This is the best adult party game to ignite epic conversations! It’s the perfect card game for parties, game nights, pre-games, a casual chill night with friends, date nights for couples and more. Here’s a preview of a few of the question cards: “Should your partner be allowed to go through your phone?” “Who is your celebrity crush?” “Which is worse: Physical or Emotional cheating?”

This card game for adults will spark great conversations! Includes cards that will spark deep, thrilling, intense discussions that are guaranteed to light up the room!

Ages: 18+ | Players: 2-10+ | Time: 60-90 Minutes | 99 Question Cards

Couples Edition:

Conversation starter for couples to spark meaningful, thought-provoking, and deep discussions to strengthen their relationship. These discussion cards help couples learn more about each other, create a deeper connection, and spend quality time with each other during car rides, vacations, bed time, date nights, anniversaries etc. Learn more about your partner at a deeper level Take your relationship to the next level. Spark deeper conversations with your partner Increase your connection with each other.

Ages: 18+ | Players: 2| Time: 60-90+ minutes| 99 Question Cards

Movie Night Edition:

Take your movie night to the next level with 50 thrilling movie discussion questions that will spark deeper and exciting conversations with friends, guests, or your partner during your next movie night! Here’s a preview of a few of the question cards: “Who was your favorite character in this movie and why?” What was missing in this movie that you think the screenwriter should have covered?” If you could ask the director one question, what would it be and why?”

Ages: E| Players: 2-10+| Time: 60-90 minutes | 50 Question Cards


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