Fall Crop Seed Packet - 2021

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It's that time of year again for fall planting and to replace your summer crops. Keep your raised beds and garden plots filled with crisp, cool-loving crops which include delicious greens and other hardy produce like radish and arugula. You'll enjoy watching them grow and thrive as the temperatures began to decrease.

This packet includes the following seeds:

1. Siberian Kale

2. Blue Curled Dwarf Kale

3. Copenhagen Cabbage

4. Bok Choy Cabbage

5. Red Giant Mustards

6. Georgia Southern Collards

7. Purple Top White Globe Turnips

8. Bloomsdale Long Spinach

9. Green Beret Spinach

10. Triple Curled Parsley

11. Green Sprout Broccoli

12. Cherry Belle Radish

13. Buttercrunch Lettuce

14. Salad Bowl Lettuce

15. Arugula

16. Royal Chantenay Carrots

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