Jamaican Callaloo

Jamaican Callaloo

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100% open pollinated,heirloom, non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds 

Callaloo has a robust flavor. It is nutrient-rich and resistant to some adversaries such as plant disease, pests, and weather extremes.

Amaranthus cruentus or callaloo grows as an annual in the U.S. and is harvested for its leaves and seeds. Callaloo is grown extensively in the West Indies, and is popularly used in soups and stews. High in iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and C, as well as protein. The Jamaican callaloo is a dark green leaf vegetable that is native to South America.

The Callaloo is part of the amaranth family. Callaloo is very nutritious particularly potent in irion, vitamin C, flavonoids, calcium, vitamin A, flavonoids and other phytochemicals.
This vegetable taste a bit like spinach and could be used as a substitute. can be used in any recipe calling for spinach or greens, however an abundance of traditional callaloo recipes can be found online.

Grows well on most soil. Requires full sun and moist soil during germination (10-14 days, usually less during 70°+ weather). Afterwards, keep it watered to 1" in depth at all times. Reaches maturity in about 30-40 days.

Edible Amaranth grows very well in warm climates. This fast-growing vegetable can be harvested 30 days after sowing, by the cut-and-grow-again method. Seeds are very small and will germinate best at temperature above 65 F under dark conditions. Thin plants during the growth if necessary and the thinnings can be eaten. Edible young leaves and stems are cooked like spinach. Soft texture and tender leaves are excellent for stir-fry and soup.

Approximately 50 seeds/pkt. 

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