Scrumptious Flavored Caramel Candies

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Spiced Chai Caramels:

A beautiful blend of masala chai gives these caramels their distinct and wonderfully aromatic flavor. This spiced black tea is steeped with local cream and blended with honey, creating a perfectly balanced sweet and delicious spicy taste.

Velvet Chocolate Caramels:

There is no union more perfect than the melding of caramel and chocolate. Each piece is  cut and wrapped by hand.

Vanilla Bean Caramels:

A vanilla lover’s dream! This light, golden brown caramel is dappled throughout with vanilla bean flecks and topped with vanilla bean-infused sea salt, creating a sumptuously-layered vanilla flavor unlike any other.

Box measures approximately 5" x 3" x 4". 

Net weight approximately 1.8oz.