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Hardy to Zones 6 to 12

(Maypop, Passion Flower, Passion Vine)  Herbaceous or woody vine, native to the southeastern and eastern US. The flowers are wonderfully large, three dimensional, complex, purple and white. The plant prefers full sun, dryish soils and a trellis. The first year or two, while the plant is getting established, you need to keep them watered and weeded. After that, you just provide a place for them to climb. Useful in making seasonal, living shade structures and for landscape/fence adornment. Traditional usage (TWM): sodorific.  Plant prefers full sun and dryish soils, trellis.  These can easily be trained up a sunny wall on the porch to give seasonal shade, and the flower display is a big plus. 

Probably the best germination will be achieved by soaking seeds in warm water for 2 days, then nicking with a sharp blade and planting in warm conditions. Germination occurs within 30 days.    However, other methods have long been used, such as giving the seeds a 30 day period of cold, moist refrigeration before planting in warm soil.  Seed sown in the fall sometimes germinates reliably in the spring.  Here’s another trick that sometimes gives fast results:  Soak seeds in a jar of water placed in the bright sun for 2 days and nights up to a week, then plant about 1/2 inch deep in fast-draining mix and keep evenly warm.  Work seedlings up in successively larger pots and plant out to landscape at a spacing of at least 4 feet apart.

Approximately 10 seeds/pkt. (organic)


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