Sunflowers (Hopi Black Dye)

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Generally single-headed although occasionally poly-headed, the plants are sturdy of stem and consistently dark black of seed.  The ray flowers are golden yellow.  The seeds are used by Native Americans for dyeing wool and basketry.  Imparts a color-fast light purple.  Heirloom variety from Hopi Land, an oil, food, and dye plant that has its roots in ancient prehistory.  One of the first domesticated plants, archaeological evidence points to the middle archaic period for the first human harboring of sunflower.  The black seeded sunflowers are generally considered to be best for oil.  We recommend direct-seeding in the spring.  Plant a bit close at first, protect from crows, and eat the sprouts.  Thin to 2 feet apart.

90-100 days to maturity.