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Pointy-leaved  monocot native to the American SW.  The plant is extremely drought tolerant and if the crown is kept dry the plant can be quite cold hardy.  The flowers are fat plumes of goldish white, giving way to large and succulent fruits.  Traditional usage (TWM): arthritis. The stem and root of the plant are a source of potent compounds known as steroidal saponins.  The tea of the root makes an exemplary hairwash and is a folk cure for baldness.  The leaves produce valuable fiber for making shoes, baskets, ropes, etc.  Plant prefers full sun and dry, rocky soils. Soak seed overnight in warm water.  So in a shallow, sandy flat.  High temperatures assist germination.  Water sparingly, and allow the soil surface to dry before watering again.

Approximately 10  seeds/pkt, in dried berries (certified organically grown)

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